Total Wipe Out

The Wipe Out Sweeper game is a guaranteed fun fueled laugh at your next event. Duck, jump & weave as the total wipe out rotates and spins, as the name suggest the last man standing wins! Good balance, determination and concentration are all needed to be crowned the last one standing. Fun for all ages from young to old, with different speeds and settings all ages can feel comfortable and safe.

The last man standing is as crazy and interactive inflatable as it sounds, Perfect entertainment that will provide moments of madness as you guests test their wits on the wipe-out inflatable. Up to six players can compete against each other at any one time, if you fall off your podium you are out of the race and step down, leaving the other contestants to compete on the wipe out inflatable. 

The last man standing was made famous by the BBC program "Total Wipeout" and has stood the test of time as a firm favourite when it comes to multiple player inflatable games, in fact in our eyes, there is not an inflatable game like it in the market today. 

Perfect interactive activities for team building, corporate events, fund raiser days and birthday party entertainment,